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The software launches with a "missing .dll" message and then does not function as expected. What is wrong?

The Matlab runtime libraries have not been installed properly or they conflict with the full version of Matlab on your computer. Do not try to use Diatrack until this has been resolved. Best is to install Diatrack on a different PC.

I can't seem to save/print my figure as I would like to.

In some instances, the saved or printed figure does not look exactly identical to the display. In this case, activate the Option - Plotting - Plot each result in new window, and use the figure's menus to finetune export or printout.

What types of files can Diatrack open?

As it is programmed using the Matlab programming language, Diatrack can open most file types, including sequences of images of type .tif, .gif, .png, .jpeg, .bmp, placed in a single directory. The order of files as listed in the directory controls the order of files in Diatrack. Diatrack also opens .avi movies provided the corresponding codec is available on your computer. Tiff multi-image sequences are recommended for both 2D and 3D work in Diatrack. Some proprietary formats, such as .lsm files produced by Zeiss microscopes are also of this type and can be opened by the software. Diatrack will also open data named using the pattern myimageZ0T0.tif, myimageZ1T0.tif etc as 3D data.

it is likely that your image sequence can be opened using the open source ImageJ software and then saved as a multi-image tiff sequence (File - Save As - Tiff...). Multi-image tiffs can then be loaded by Diatrack